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Desert Spring Humidifier Technology

Desert Spring Technology

The Desert Spring furnace humidifier uses a patented rotary disc interface technology which provides over 15 square feet of evaporative surface with a unit that is no bigger than most traditional furnace humidifiers. This cylinder of ring-shaped, flat plastic disks which rotate through the water reservoir, is the central part of the desert springs revolutionary technology. As the drum turns, microscopic groves on the high temperature plastic discs picks up a minute layer of water which is then evaporated into the air. Any minerals that are present in your water are simply washed off the disc assembly as it spins back through the water in the basin.

The Desert Spring furnace humidifier is not susceptible to mineral build-up which can cause the drum to become unbalanced and put unnecessary strain on the humidifier motor. Minerals will also not build up on the surface, like what happens with your traditional foam pad or drum humidifiers, trapping water and allowing it to stagnate.