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Desert Spring Humidifier Testimonials

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I wish every company was as competent and "on the ball" as you guys are! Thanks so much.
- Bob

I bought and installed your humidifier on my furnace late last summer. In the previous 10 years, I had installed 4 different humidifiers and replaced 100s of pads. I had to replace pads every month, because they were completely clogged. I tried feeding these humidifiers with both hard water, and soft water, each fouled the pads. I was apprehensive when I ordered your humidifier. When I received it, I was very impressed with the quality and design. Installation was easy, and it has run without maintenance for 4 months, and still looks new. I also installed and highly recommend the Auto-Flush-3 unit, which I am convinced has a lot to do with how clean the humidifier still is. In actual operation, the house remains very comfortable, and there has yet to be a single electrical spark shooting out of anyone's finger. I am a very happy customer who highly recommends this product.
- Dan, from New Hampshire

Great customer services is hard to find these days. I am glad there are still companies like yours that take care of the customer. Now I feel even better about my decision to do business with your company.
- Kevin

Thank you for you very fast help indeed, I can see the service is as great as the product has been. Thanks again,
- Andy

When I first bought your Humidifier, I thought "wow" is it ever expensive! But I can tell you today that I would pay 2.5 times, even 3 times more for your humidifier compared to other humidifiers because it is an absolute bargain. Your product really does the job. It ran a full season perfectly and at my humidity level of choice. Thanks, Desert Spring, from our whole family.
- Dave, from Ontario